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Quality Hardwoods - Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer - We offer different species of hardwood flooring including Red and White Oak Brazilian Cherry, Hickory/Pecan, American Cherry, Mesquite, Walnut, Vintage Antique Oak and Pine, Sawn Cut Face Flooring, as well as Hand Distressed Flooring in different species. We also offer Antique Beams, Flooring Mouldings in addition to Architectural Mouldings to give your home that added appeal. If you are in need of lumber to match your beautiful flooring, lumber is also available. Everything is milled at our plant in Fredericksburg, TX.

Hardwood Floors - Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer - Red Oak - Light cream to pink to pinkish brown. Some color streaking and varying grain patterns. Majority of wide planks are knot free. Rustic Red Oak - Highly varied in color - very mixed in grain patterns and color streaking. All boards will have either knots or small cracks. A very beautiful and striking look. Sometimes called cabin or character grade. This grade in the last 2 years has become our biggest seller. White Oak - Grading same as red oak above. The most obvious differences would be white oak has a slightly tighter grain pattern and instead of predominately cream to pinkish red tones as in red oak, white oak are those of light cream to a tannish brown. Hickory/Pecan - Very dense and strong. Extremely variegated colors from cream to chocolate brown. Probably the most inconsistent colored and grain patterned wood we mill.Brazilian Cherry - Dense and very strong. Deep pink to golden red. Darkens from sunlight from golden red to dark reddish. Finishes with U.V. inhibitors can alleviate some of the color change.Santos Mahogany - Very dense and tight grained. Flooring boards very in color from carnation pink to golden brown to mottled pinkish red, golden pink to reddish brown. Varied grain patterns.Links